Get a Toll Free or Local Business Number

Get a Toll Free or Local Business Number

Look and sound more professional! – Start For Free Today
Try it free for two weeks. Then starting at 19.95/month thereafter.

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Look & sound more professional

Greet every caller professionally.
Instantly see when a call is coming from your business number so you can answer in a professional, business-like manner.

Enhance your company image.
Easily turn your small operation into a multi-department powerhouse by using different extensions for each department even if you’re the only one answering calls! Record a professional greeting and easily add department & employee extensions in seconds.

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Separate your business and personal calls

There’s a reason people have separate work emails. And yet, many people use their personal phone numbers for business. Why not separate both for the same reasons?

Know who’s calling.
Instantly know when a call is personal or for your business.

Display your business number.
Make calls and send text messages through the app and your business phone number shows on their caller ID. This keeps your personal number private.

Manage business hours
Choose when you want to accept business calls. After hours, calls forward to your professional business voicemail.

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